The pastor

Do  you want to know what is a Security girl and an Amnesty girl? Just read this book. In this novel the author had followed a pastor named Mike.

        The particularity of this man of  God is his ability to conceal humour with the Word of God. He preaches with conviction and his message is ready to transform the heart of the ungodly. He tries to underscore that the word of God is not only for those said to be christians.  It is just something easy deemed to create an harmony in the society.


             I f you forgot not this book , it is just because the laugh of the spectactor is more wider than the theater  is full.

“One of the difficulty while writting this book” said the author is that “you should have to stop and laugh for one or five minutes, before restarting the next paragraph”

   Sure, we know that you will retain one of these stories for one or few  months. But please, don’t forget to link the bible verse pertained to it, in attachment.