Quick as light is a passionate fiction which will make you travel all over three continents.

    IZ a young student living at Paris was deceived by her fiancé with whom she planned to go to united State.








   Jean-Pierre, computer scientist was without job since two years. At end he succeeded to find a job with the help of her girl friend but left her heading alone to America.


  So far from there near the equator,  in the deepest forest of the African continent, Kondo a young African stepped first the way of school when he was fifteen. Intelligence, cleverness, sociability, ….are qualities which will generate envy feeling of his teacher who will ban him from school accusing him to be a sorcerer.










 This later ceased his chance while the young European travelled in Africa for her first time according to the proposition of her mother in order to wipe away the trouble caused by Jean-Pierre










 With this book, we are sure that trough our competencies and our vision to conceive we always succeed to reach our goals but we need to believe first entirely.