Im not guilty  ; was this 30th of august 2004, in the main prison of Ohio the word of fate of one of its occupiers.

It was the voice of Tony Affade ; a veteran of the Gulf war was charged of raping the wife of the republican Governor of the Ohio state Lr Aik.








Unfortunately, his only chance to go out of this situation was a suicide mission in Iraq where the battle was still intense. With faith, he succeeded to accomplish the assignment and to prove that his was really innocent.















This story was first deemed to honor the memory of the victims of the Iraq war. This story depicts the hidden pictures and deeds of this war. It leads us to think about a question we ask sometimes in front of some critical situations. Should we have to react or being submissive?















This was the main raison which conduct the author to entitle the book one day a lion. No one can deny that certain problems could lead you to a dilemma and thus you wonder if you would like to live one day as a lion or thousand as a lamb