The Salasian war, is a very interesting book helping the readers† to understand one more time the process and the goal of any colonization. And we should have to know that who talks about colonization must be ready to observe a conflict between a powerful civilization and less developed people.

Thus we shall encounter some amazing characters like Michael Tchenko, Karpov Adriani, Bostovic and the others.

The story starts when the commandant Tchenko et his crew discovered a strange country under the sea with their submarine . This country was named after Salas . This was the beginning of the struggle of the inhabitant of Salas to obtain their liberty.















ÖThis was a very long battle which end up by the departure of the colons. This document depicts the demarcation between the communism and the capitalism in front of the colonization. We are involved in a new imaginary world with a complete weird ecosystem.