Bam a young student coming from village was thriving to finish his university program in town. He was living with his brother and is fighting on the campus with the help of his friend Biglo. But he needs to take care of his fiancé Akoko who had sacrificed herself to help her boyfriend reaching this level.












 By the time being , he met a new girl on the campus named Irene who helped him to forget Akoko ……

   At the end the young Bam was severely injured in an accident and was compelled to join his village.

 Curiously Akoko was happy because these town girls will never steal her future husband.











   This book is very interesting due to his special hilarious style and teach us a little bit on the African student life.











    Never fail to read the books of this African author which represent some real doctorate thesis.

 To reach his goal, the author has spent more than our years among a group of sub-Saharan African students.



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